Thursday, October 26, 2006

walk this way

I had the best time Tuesday morning.

All bundled up, vanilla latte in hand, Gracie and I met the Moms in the City gang in the lobby of the Sheraton Centre for a walking tour. From there we made our way through the downtown core checking out the sky scrapers. It was so cool. I drive downtown all the time, but never get a chance to really take in the art deco design. Who knew there were so many interesting little nooks and crannies? I learned so much.

Picture this - a small group of strollers making our way through the hectic downtown sidewalks. I loved the contrast of us amongst the busy, stressed business men and women. I'm sure many of them are too focused on their cell phones and blackberries, rushing to meetings to notice the beauty of the lobby, ceiling or windows of their buildings. A few of them actually stopped to listen to our guide which was cool.

These walking tours have been the best "mother thing" other than blogging that I've done. I'm not much of a joiner. Actually no, I'm a lousy joiner. But Mom's in the City really have come up with a great activity for moms and their babies. It's so refreshing to do something adult with your baby.

At the beginning there is the small talk introduction,"how old is your little one, name, how do you like your stroller", but once the tour starts, there's very little baby talk. Not that there is anything wrong with baby talk but sometimes I get sick of the what's your baby doing, eating, sleeping conversations. That's the beauty of these tours. The guide is doing most of the talking about grownup things like design, architecture and history. Ahh, wonderful. I would do this tour even if I didn't have a baby.

Can't wait for the tour of Chinatown.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

one fine day

I rely on our car way too much. Before I had Gracie I took the ttc way more than I do now. Actually that's a lie, I never take the ttc these days. So yesterday morning when my husband took the car into the shop I was kinda at a loss. Lame I know.

I needed to get groceries, what if I need to where? Where did I really need to go? What happened to walking? Now I take my daughter for walks all the time, but I rarely ever walk somewhere instead of driving. So yesterday we put an end to our gas guzzling, air polluting ways and walked everywhere.

So off we went, opting to take a new route. Wow, there are so many things to see in my neighbourhood. I was so inspired the time and effort people took in sprucing up their front porches. Who knew so many people paint their front doors yellow?

And really I have all I need within a two mile radius - grocery stores, organic grocer, coffee shops, drug store and lots of great little shops and restaurants. Hmm where should we go today.....

Saturday, October 14, 2006

the 13th

If a black cat crosses my path, I'll go the other way. I never walk down wheelchair ramps. And don't even think about opening an umbrella inside if you are near me. Yep, I'm superstitious. Always have been. Not in a huge, crippling sort of way but enough to make me do certain things. My dad and my sister are too. So Friday the 13th isn't a great day in my books. My husband and I were going to fly to Montreal for the weekend, but the idea of flying on that date didn't work for me. I'm sure everything would have been fine, but why risk it and be worried?

But yesterday turned out to be a good day, really good in fact. It actually started Thursday night with the cold weather and threat of flurries. I love snow. I mean really love snow. I was wishing we were the ones that got hit with the storm instead of Buffalo. Snow just puts me in a good mood. Call me crazy, but I am a northerner.

So back to lucky Friday the 13th. We started out early (every second Friday is cleaning lady day - god I do love her!!!) She is the sweetest, loveliest woman and Gracie adores her. She even brought Gracie an adorable gift - jeans with leopard print bows and a snuggling warm sweater with the same details. Too kind. Anyway, we got out of the house around 8:30 and dropped daddy off at work. We usually make our way to exercise class, but this morning we made a trip to the Beach. We drove around a bit then got a great parking spot right in front of Kids at Home. I love this shop - so friendly and helpful. We had to pick up a footmuff for our stroller. What a great thing - and the perfect solution to little Gracie refusing to wear socks, shoes or slippers. They installed it for us and then we were off to Starbucks. All bundled up, we strolled around the park and hit a few shops.

Next home for a nap. Ahh nothing like a clean house to put a smile on your face. A bit of bad luck did come our way. My cousin called from St. Mikes' hospital emergency room - nothing too serious, but we raced there to make sure she was okay. Luckily she was and so we bought her lunch and drove her home.

Then good luck struck. Inside my mailbox was the cell phone my other cousin lost two days earlier. Some kind soul (there are many, many good people in this city) returned it. She was thrilled.

Cousin A. then called and offered to watch Gracie. Yippeee, a night out! I didn't have much time to get ready, but hey I wasn't about to turn down an opportunity like this. We headed to the House on Parliament. Great spot. Two of our favourite bartenders from our younger days now work there. It was packed, but we managed to get two spots at the bar. Nothing like a pint and a burger with your favourite guy.

Oh and the cherry on top - the Tigers won again. Maybe the 13th isn't so bad. On second thought, I shouldn't push my luck.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

thanks for the laughs

What a weekend. I haven't packed that much into three days in a long time. Here are some of the highlights....

1. nephew crawling around shirtless wearing my daughter's furry, lamb hat (she wouldn't wear it, he wouldn't take it off)
2. converting front room into bedroom then dining room - because we invited two extra guests for dinner
3. watching the Tigers beat the Yankees at home - yippeee!!!!
4. Grandpa and Grandma babysitting the kids Saturday night
5. Mom rolling out pie pastry with a beer bottle because she couldn't find my rollingpin
6. drinks at Czechoski, my husband and my sister doing Jagger impersonations...the "mick off" will continue at Christmas

We had a blast. Shopping, cooking, eating, drinking and laughing. All my favourite things with all my favourite people. I have so much to be thankful for.

But now it's over. And it sucks. I get so excited, preparing for the visit, getting everything ready and then it's over in a flash. I think anticipation is the purest form of happiness. (but more on that later)

The last two days I've been really bummed out. I think Gracie is too. No playing with her cousin, no Grandma and Grandpa to cuddle her, no auntie and Uncle to laugh with. Yep this sucks. I've got to get out of this funk. I wanna move home. Boo hoo.

Can't wait for Christmas.

Friday, October 06, 2006


I'm almost ready for my houseguests. Good thing because they're arriving this afternoon. My house has never looked so good - pretty mums on the porch, artwork hung and straightened, slipcovers washed, laundry done, fresh new soap in the bathroom, basically everything is neat and organized. I love it! Why don't I live like this? My husband and I laugh that the only time our place looks this great is when we have people over. Crazy I know.

Just a few more things on my checklist. I've had about ten to do lists going this week. I keep writing new ones. It somehow makes me feel more organized. Here's the latest and last......

1. Check in with Mom, to make sure I have everything.
2. Call L. make sure I haven't forgotten anything.
3. Buy treats for R, the retriever that looks like Candice Bergen- no kidding.
4. Tell hubby that R. is coming too - yikes forgot to mention that.
5. Fresh flowers.

Ahh that should do it. Oh wait, buy a special gift for my parents to thank them for hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the first 32 years of my life.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend. Happy Thanksgiving.