Thursday, August 31, 2006

new joiner

I started reading blogs earlier this year and it quickly became my contact to the outside world. My daughter was 3 months old, and I was going through all the changes that a new mom feels - overwhelming love but also exhaustion, self-doubt, guilt and fear. I was torn because I so wanted to connect with other new moms but whenever I did it made me feel worse.

"You're brave. I didn't leave the house when my baby was that old."

“Isn’t she a bit young to bring outside (she was three months old, for crying out loud!!!)

And the all time crusher..."Oh my god she's so small, she looks like she's still in utero."

Here’s the story. My daughter was born just over a month early, and weighed 5 pounds. Truth told she was tiny and it took her awhile to gain weight. But man were people insensitive and down right rude.

Before I had her I was a confident person but all my confidence went out the window after spending my first two weeks of motherhood caring for my baby in the NICU. After a pretty normal pregnancy and a fairly easy delivery, I guess my luck kinda ran out. The first month was nothing like I planned. Now looking at the chubby folds on her legs it's hard to believe she was ever that small.

So now to the good part. You've been my own private moms group for the last five months and now I'm ready to officially join. I've gained some of my confidence back and feel like I have something to contribute.

Thanks for the great advice and laughs so far.…

Petitegourmand, thanks for the tip on the were sooo right! oh and the l’il goat’s milk soap and cream are fantastic.

ninepounddictator your recent tattoo story cracked me up.

metromama your book reviews are cool and I especially love cakes in the cash t-shirt

Ahh finally a moms group I feel good about.