Wednesday, June 20, 2007

radio silent no more

After a couple of months of radio silence I'm back. I've missed this world. I've been reading some of my favourite blogs whenever I've had the chance but haven't commented, so I guess I've been kind of lurking. But now hopefully I'm back and fully committed. It's not like I haven't had much to say, my life has just gotten crazy busy over the last little while. I'd like to say it is going to calm down, but with the pending arrival of twins, I doubt my life will ever be described as calm! Here's some highlights of the last few months......

got our house ready to put on the market - no easy task with a busy 18 month old
looked at a million (okay slight exaggeration) open houses
finally bought a house the week before we put ours on the market
sold our house in less than a week - thank goodness
got pnemonia - who gets pneumonia, especially when they are pregnant????
decided after much encouragement from colleagues, family and friends to take an early maternity leave
enjoying some much needed r&r up north with my family

So there you have it, not the most interesting post, but at least I'm back.