Thursday, September 10, 2009

shopping is fun

I so wish I was attending fashion's night out. However, it's actually more like fashion's night in around here, as the only shopping I'll be doing is the online version. If I was lucky enough to be in New York I'd love to be checking out this. But, my reality is more like this and that's okay too. a girl can dream.....

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

free to and me

Ahhh the seventies....I just introduced this to my kids and they LOVE it. Gracie is really into "Parents are People" What are your favourites?

Monday, September 07, 2009

flash forward

I just reread my last post and I can tell you that the woman who wrote that post is not the same person writing now. Okay that's a bit dramatic, but wow have things changed around here.

I felt ready? Whaaaaaat? I was so NOT ready for my life. As I sit here typing almost two years to the day of my last post I can tell you I most certainly was not prepared for the events that would make up my life. Yikes! I still don't think I'm ready, but I do know one thing I will never again profess to be ready. EVER.

Okay, so flash forward. How do I sum up life over the past two years? It's been a blur. A wonderful, terrifying, exhausting and magical blur. Pretty much one hell of a ride and I don't anticipate it slowing down any time soon!

My daughter is three and a half and my twin boys turned two in August. I am thanking my lucky stars that they are all starting back at their montessori school tomorrow morning.

I hope we can become friends again over the next few months. I've missed you.

Monday, September 03, 2007

and then there were five......

On this last long weekend of the summer, when people are sad about the season ending, I feel like everything is about to begin. My new life starts now. Well it started about a month ago, but I finally feel ready.

You see I was suppose to be getting ready for the hospital today. Labour Day how fitting. My twins were scheduled to be delivered via c-section tomorrow. But they had other plans. My water broke on July 29, yep just five days after I moved into my new house and my life has been a rollercoaster ride ever since. Here is the abbreviated version....

July 29 - 32 weeks pregnant and my water breaks at 5:30 a.m. I tiptoe downstairs past my sleeping inlaws to wake my husband who is sleeping in the basement. Triage here we labour so we wait. Later that day my Mom, Dad and sister fly in to visit me. I am so relieved to have them here.

July 29 - 31 - Hanging out on the 7th floor of Mt. Sinai, waiting for something to happen. Still no labour. My family keeps me entertained with regular visits between shopping trips. At least they look good and are having fun!

Aug. 1 10 a.m. - My Dad and sister decide to fly home. My sister is on vacation and has left her husband and son at my parents home. The nurses tell me if nothing happens in 48 hrs. of water breaking, I'm probably looking at another two weeks.

Aug. 1 - 11 a.m. - Baby "b's" heart rate is too high which indicates distress. Still no labour, but looks like it's showtime. We try and reach my Dad and sister before they get on the plane. No luck.

Aug. 1 - 2:23 and 2: 24 p.m. My boys are delivered via c-section just as my Dad and sister are landing in S.S.M. Everyone is healthy and happy. My husband and Mom were pros in the delivery room.

Aug. 4 - My Dad flies back and I get released from hospital.

Aug. 4 - 14 Travel back and forth to Mt. Sinai to feed babies.

Aug. 14 - Boys get transferred to Toronto East General Hospital. I was opting for St. Mike's where my daughter stayed, but no such luck.

Aug. 14 - 27 - Daily visits to TEGH to visit boys. Other than being in the middle of no where, this nursery is beautiful.

Aug. 28 - Sleep over at the hospital. A test run to see if I can feed them myself for 24 hours.

Aug. 29 - Welcome home.

Sept. 3 - As I walk back from the beach, I realise I missed summer completely this year.

Oh well here's to an exciting fall.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

new digs

At the moment I am sitting on on my new deck, in my new backyard at my new house. It's kind of surreal. I should be doing a million other things like.....
figuring out why my phone isn't working, but instead I'm dreaming up design ideas for birth announcements for my twins. Well techinically I'm writing this blog, but you get the picture.

Yesterday was super hectic. My parents flew in to help (they are the best, considering they we just here last week helping me pack!!!) with the move and even though I felt organized, we were still behind schedule. I guess once again I underestimated how crazy move day can be.

So far I like our new place. The main floor open concept is going to take getting used to though. Gracie is going to love this place. I am missing her terribly, but apparently she is having a ball at the cottage with her grandparents. But really would they say otherwise?

Yikes that's kind of a negative way to end this post. For that I must do an hour's worth of unpacking!

Friday, July 20, 2007

better be home soon

Free time, spare time, alone time whatever you want to call it pretty much sucks for me right now. Being 30 weeks pregnant, huge and uncomfortable doesn't leave you with a lot of options on how to spend a free weekend. That and the fact that I'm moving in four days, so I'm up to my eyeballs in boxes...ahhhhh!

My husband and my daughter left this afternoon for a trip up north and I am heartbroken. Okay maybe lonely and miserable are better descriptions of how I'm feeling. To top it off Gracie is spending the week with her grandparents, which I am completely regretting now. I know in my head it is the right decision. Our nanny is on vacation and I can't care for her properly on my own seeing that I can't lift her or chase after her, so I do need the help. Sorry I'm babbling. It's just that this is the first time I've been away from her. Okay truth be told it's the second time, but the first time was for a night and my husband was with her. This is different. She's older and understands being away from her home and my inlaws well they aren't, how can I say this gently, well they aren't my parents. I know they will take good care of her, but they ....okay I'm going to stop and just try to be positive.

When was the first time you were away from your child? And how did you survive?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

new house nerves

Only 23 days until the closing date on our new house. While I am looking forward to moving and settling in to our new place before the twins arrive, I'm kinda sad. When I came back from vacation, I realised how much I like our current house. Sure, it's a small, two bedroom house with an unfinished basment but it has character, and I'm going to miss that. It's also walking distance from some of my favourite shops , restaurants and parks .

I think I'm just feeling nostalgic. We went to our new house yesterday and it just seems, well, too new. It's actually an oldish house that the sellers never lived in. I think they just updated it to a blank canvas of hardwood floors and white paint. Don't get me wrong I'm happy with this, it just doesn't seem to have a lot of character. With our current place we had to uncover the hidden beauty which was fun.

My husband keeps reminding me (as does my family) that with the impending arrival of twins and my busy daughter, I don't have time for a fixer-upper house. And they are right, I need move-in-ability. That doesn't stop me from visiting here for inspiration. Anyone have any other suggestions?

I better start packing.......