Tuesday, July 03, 2007

new house nerves

Only 23 days until the closing date on our new house. While I am looking forward to moving and settling in to our new place before the twins arrive, I'm kinda sad. When I came back from vacation, I realised how much I like our current house. Sure, it's a small, two bedroom house with an unfinished basment but it has character, and I'm going to miss that. It's also walking distance from some of my favourite shops , restaurants and parks .

I think I'm just feeling nostalgic. We went to our new house yesterday and it just seems, well, too new. It's actually an oldish house that the sellers never lived in. I think they just updated it to a blank canvas of hardwood floors and white paint. Don't get me wrong I'm happy with this, it just doesn't seem to have a lot of character. With our current place we had to uncover the hidden beauty which was fun.

My husband keeps reminding me (as does my family) that with the impending arrival of twins and my busy daughter, I don't have time for a fixer-upper house. And they are right, I need move-in-ability. That doesn't stop me from visiting here for inspiration. Anyone have any other suggestions?

I better start packing.......


petite gourmand said...

I love flick & co. and Hardware.
two of my favourite propping sources.
I know what you mean re: new houses/renos.
ours is old and I guess you could say has character.
but there are many days that I wish we were in something newer (with non-creaky floors)
especially the part right in front of lulu's bedroom.
once you get all your things in your new space, it will feel like home.
(especially if you are using Domino for inspiration,
one of my favourite mags as well)
good luck with the move (and with the bed rest)
pg :)

Tracy said...

how i wish we had thought more carefully about buying a fixer when i was pregnant with no.1! she was born into a home with no washer, no dryer, no oven... it was crazy. and now with 2 it takes forever to get anything done! i do love our home, but i think you are making a smart room. and it sounds like a bright canvas just waiting for your touch! xo